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Chinese logic -30 公园 | 动物园 | 花园 | 植物园

waveChinese 12th May 2017

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The weekend plan

Husband: What are we going to do this weekend? Have you made a decision?
Wife: We are going to the botanical garden on Saturday morning. It's spring now, the flowers there must be blooming. I will take a lot of beautiful photos. And we go to the zoo in the afternoon. The zoo is close to the botanical garden, only need a few minutes to be there. There are great animal shows inside the zoo.
Husband: What about Sunday?
Wife: Go to the park on Sunday. There is a hill to climb.
Husband: The flowers in our garden are also blooming for you to take photos. Our dog could perform, too. And we could also exercise on the treadmill. Why do we have to go to the botanical garden, the zoo and the park?

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