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Chloe Yu

32, from Qingdao, Shandong

I'm a huge exercise buff and 100% basketball obsessed (and I really like Chinese basketball player Yi Jianlian !). I'm also keen on tennis, badminton, ping-pong, and going out on my bike with my husband. I also like dancing: the waltz, modern Korean dance, aerobics and - along similar lines - Tai Chi. In 2010, after I graduated from Xi'an International Studies University, I started teaching Mandarin Chinese to foreigners. Eight years of this and a fair bit of management experience as well made me keen to do something bigger. My wish is - to work hard to help bring the best Chinese I can to my keen students.

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Andrea Wang

33, from Xi’an, Shaanxi

Writing is one of the things I am good at, along with long distance running. I like outdoorsy stuff - climbing mountains, hiking and so on. When I have free time I’m a keen mobile photographer and enjoy watching art films. I was an editor for two years for a youth science magazine after university, and then took a deep breath and plunged into 7 years of Mandarin teaching followed by management, followed by more Mandarin teaching. Now I’m trying to put my experience to some kind of good, helping students study Mandarin quickly, have fun and stay interested. I’m really glad to be working with a team of very able Mandarin teachers that are enthusiastic and willing make a really unique contribution to our students and the industry.

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Mary Wang

27, from Xi’an, Shaanxi

I started teaching Chinese right after I graduated from Sichuan International Studies University in 2013. Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language is my major and ideal career. I lead and assist students to help them accomplish their Mandarin learning goals, which I find very motivational. They are highly driven, diligent, positive, hard-working and great to teach. Teaching aside, I also enjoy working out in the gym, swimming and cooking.

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Sara Li

31, from Xi’an, Shaanxi

I’ve taught Chinese to foreigners for over five years now, I really enjoy it and it’s been rewarding. I’m also a new mum, so on the rare occasion I have free time, I like to read books to recharge my batteries (at the moment, mostly work-related). On the weekends I like to take my toddler to the park and get some sun!

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