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Chinese logic -39 想法 | 看法 | 吃法

waveChinese 5th May 2018

Method acting - a new Chinese study technique.









厨师A: 找到了!给你。


In the kitchen of the restaurant

Chef A: What do you think of this competition?
Chef B: I don't have any opinion on it.
Chef A: The bonus of the competition is 30,000 USD. Won't you attend?
Chef B: 30,000 USD? So much! In that case, I must have to attend!
Chef A: What dish do you plan to cook?
Chef B: I have a great idea, but I couldn't tell you that yet. By the way, a friend asked me how to cook and eat crabs. He is going to cook crabs, but he has never eaten crabs before. Please get what we wrote about how to cook and eat crabs last time for me.
Chef A: Found it! Here you are.

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What are others saying?

Andrea 23 February 2017

做法 zuò fǎ way of doing things

说法 shuō fǎ way of saying things

开法 kāi fǎ way of driving

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