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  • What teaching methods do you use?

    With our teaching approach you will experience different real-world situations in each Mandarin lesson. We will gently introduce new words and re-enforce old ones -- similar to how children pick up languages naturally. It's a scientific and systematic Mandarin teaching method from the Beijing Language and Culture University, and it works.

  • What if I just learn Mandarin by myself?

    Self study is an unavoidable part of language learning — but a good teacher can guide you through it. They can help you plan your goals, check your progress and suggest adjustments from time to time. This will keep you heading in the right direction, and avoiding the periodic ruts that most language learners find themselves in. For the most dedicated self-lead students, even one Mandarin lesson a week will help.

  • What's important for beginners?

    Textbooks. There are some really poor textbooks out there, but seriously, a good Mandarin textbook is hard to replace. A well designed textbook is systematic: it regularly re-enforces language learnt, and should come with a Mandarin teacher that can guide the student through it and bring it to life.

  • How does the 30 day money back guarantee work?

    In your first month of joining you'll be working to a detailed personal Mandarin study plan and your achievements will be recognised by regular feedback. However, if you change your mind for whatever reason within the first 30 days, we would be happy to refund you any untaken Mandarin classes.

  • Can I refer a friend?

    Thanks for the vote of confidence! Let us know who you've referred and we will convey our gratitude by giving 3 free lessons to both of you.

  • Are there discounts for academic institutions?

    Yes. We offer academic and corporate subscription rates to accredited organisations. Please drop us a line:

  • Can I choose who to have class with?

    Yes — you can choose from any available Mandarin teacher when scheduling Mandarin lessons.

  • Can I take Mandarin class together with friends/family?

    As long as you're both at a similar level this is something we can facilitate. Have a look at the classes page for more information.

  • Can I transfer Mandarin classes to a friend or family member?

    Sure - send us an email (

  • What's with the name, waveChinese?

    Waves are relaxing. We also teach Mandarin Chinese.

  • What if I want to change my subscription type?

      Please contact Ellen and we will apply the remaining value from your current subscription towards the new purchase. 

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