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Customized one-to-one courses
  • Regular adults Mandarin lessons

    For the majority of Mandarin learners from beginner to upper intermediate. We'll have you quoting Confucius at dinner parties in (almost?) no time…

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  • Test Prep Mandarin courses

    Preparing for HSK level 6? Or a student at school studying for Cambridge IGCSE Chinese, IB Chinese or SAT Chinese (and others)? We can help! 

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  • Regular kids Mandarin lessons

    Crouching tiger, hidden children. A structured Mandarin course aimed at Children and young adults from 3 to 14. We also offer Chinese classes for children of Chinese language background who speak Chinese in the home.

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  • Advanced Custom Chinese lessons

    Specialized Mandarin Chinese for advanced students who need to improve in certain business, academic or social sciences areas.

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  • Business Mandarin Chinese

    A structured business Mandarin course for anyone doing business in China or with Chinese companies.

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  • Survival Mandarin Chinese

    You can confidently recite the Wikipedia entry on the Great Wall of China, but are not sure what to say to the Chinese taxi driver to take you there? This is for you.

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