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Wavechinese Information Technology Co., Ltd. in Xi'an, China

waveChinese was set up in 2015 by Ellen Wang and Chloe Yu; two experienced Mandarin tutors who were frustrated with the status quo and felt that Chinese online teaching needed to be modernized.

Mandarin Classes needed to be fun, have proper structure and well designed teaching materials. Students needed (some) homework to cement memories, and many needed a guide to take advantage of the many apps, podcasts and complementary Mandarin materials available.

This is their attempt to make it work. We recognise that there’s always plenty that can be done to improve — so please get in touch. Your feedback is very welcome!

 Our logo

Some - but far from most - Chinese characters are pictographs. Why? Take our logo as an example; It's from the traditional Chinese character of "學 xué ". 

學 xué

(v.) study, learn; imitate

(n.)school; learning; science; subject of study

Here's the meaning of our logo:

(1) the two x's represent Yin and Yang (opposing forces in nature) over a house (classroom) with a person inside.

(2) The symbols on the left and right side of two x's, represent two hands of the teacher. The teacher is putting knowledge and experience about Yin and Yang into the classroom. 
What do you see?

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