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Chinese logic -17 西医 | 西餐 | 西装

waveChinese 28th May 2016

Let’s take a journey to the west…










Wang Hua: Doctor Lee has invited me to eat Western food on Saturday evening, in the best western restaurant in Shanghai.
Mom: In that case, you must dress nicely.
Wang Hua: That's right. Doctor Lee will certainly wear a suit, and I have to dress up as well.
Mom: By the way, I've had an occasional headache lately, but not severe. Please consult him about which medicine I could take.
Wang Hua: Mom, Doctor Lee, is a western doctor. He will recommend you go to the hospital and have a check-up first. Western medicine is different from Chinese medicine. You couldn't take medicine indiscriminately.
Mom: I asked you to consult him because I don't want to go to the hospital.
Wang Hua: It usually needs a check-up first in western medicine.

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