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The difference between HSK 1 and HSK 6 students. Which one are you?

waveChinese 30th May 2021

Fill in the blank please:

Possible answers to HSK Level 1:
Sorry, I can't read any Chinese.

Possible answers to HSK Level 2:
Me too! 

Possible answers to HSK Level 3:
* 他吃得很多。(He eats a lot.)
* 他吃得很好。(His food is very well.)
* 他吃得很高兴。(He is very glad with the food.)
* 他吃得很贵。(His food is very expensive.)
* 他吃得很慢。(He eats very slowly.)
* 他吃得很便宜。(His food is very cheap.)
* 他吃得很安静。(He eats very quietly.)
* 他吃得很简单。(His food is very simple. )
* 他吃得很健康。(His food is very healthy.)
* 他吃得很满意。(He eats with satisfaction.)
* 他吃得很认真。(He eats very seriously.)
* 他吃得很着急。(He eats very anxiously.)

Possible answers to HSK Level 4: 
* 他吃得很丰富。(His food is very rich.)
* 他吃得很感动。(He's touched by eating the food. )
* 他吃得很放松。(He is very relaxed when eating.)
* 他吃得很复杂。(He eats complex food.)
* 他吃得很开心。(He eats very happily.)
* 他吃得很耐心。(He eats with patience.)
* 他吃得很伤心。(He is very sad when eating.)
* 他吃得很愉快。(He eats with pleasure.)

Possible answers to HSK Level 5: 
* 他吃得很清淡。(His food is light.)
* 他吃得很寂寞。(He is very lonely when eating. )
* 他吃得很讲究。(He is particular about food.)
* 他吃得很满足。(He is content to eat the food.)
* 他吃得很享受。(He really enjoys the food.)
* 他吃得很糟糕。(His food is very bad.)

Possible answers to HSK Level 6: 
Too many words... Err, _____________ ? 
Maybe 他吃得津津有味。(He eats with relish.)
              他吃得小心翼翼。(He eats gingerly.)
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What are others saying?

Jan Johnson 07 April 2017

Ooh. I like this. It's great to see so many different sentences based on which HSK level you are on

Chloe Yu 07 April 2017


Phyo Thet Paing Oo 07 April 2017


Chloe Yu 07 April 2017

你忘了句号哦。(You forgot the full stop.)

Hankin Zhang 26 October 2017

他吃得 津津有味。

Chloe Yu 26 October 2017


Debashis Banerjee 26 October 2017


Chloe Yu 26 October 2017


Khin Thida Htaik 26 October 2017

He is very lonely when eating.

Chloe Yu 26 October 2017


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