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Chinese logic 5 台灯 路灯 吊灯 彩灯

waveChinese 2nd May 2016

Shining a light on Chinese logic.





Shopping in the lamp mall

Wife: This lamp mall is large! Many lamps!
Husband: We will buy a big chandelier for the living room and two desk lamps. One for our son's room. The other one for our daughter's room.
Wife: Okay. We must buy the best desk lamps! A good desk lamp is good for the eyes, and it protects the eyes.
Husband: No problem! Look at the little street lamp over there. It fits our garden perfectly.
Wife: That's right! That's what we need in the garden. By the way, we also need to buy some fairy lights. Christmas is drawing near. We can hang them on the Christmas tree or outside the house by then.
Husband: Okay. Let's buy a chandelier for the living room first, and look around then.

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