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Chinese logic -37 可爱 | 可怕 | 可怜 | 可笑

waveChinese 3rd July 2016

So emotion, much squee!








A: What is your favorite cartoon movie?
B: "Ice Age." All of the animals in the movies are super cute.
A: Have you watched "Ice Age 4"? The pirate in this movie looked quite scary and almost frightened my niece into crying last time.
B: That pirate was rather fierce-looking. I like to see Sid most. He was particularly funny sometimes, made me laugh so hard, and had tears in my eyes.
A: However, I felt that he was so poor sometimes when other animals ignored him completely.

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What are others saying?

Jan Johnson 28 May 2017


Damon Skinner 31 May 2017

Excellent explanation. Although Ke Lian is more like saying 'poor', right? Like in Poor so-and-so. Pitiful in english contains an element of disdain which I'm not sure the Chinese Ke Lian does.

Andrea Wang 31 May 2017

Thanks! You are right, "poor dog/pitiful dog" is 可怜的狗。Pitiful in Chinese also contains an element of disdain in some special situations, "我真可怜你!"

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