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Chinese logic 57 钟 表

waveChinese 23rd September 2021

If you're stuck on which Chinese word to learn, 'Apple Watch' works ubiquitously across all languages.

DIALOGUE  对话  duìhuà




Checking Bills

Husband: Look at this bill. We've used more than 300 kWh of electricity this month.
Wife: So much? How could it be? Is the electricity meter broken?
Husband: I don't know. I'll check it tomorrow. And this bill, the water fee for this month is 180 pounds, quite a lot as well.
Wife: The water meter should be ok, right?
Husband: Besides electricity and water bills, we do have other bills as well. Let's sell that grandfather clock, ok? Someone wanted to buy it a few days ago.
Wife: I agree. That grandfather clock is too big, and there is no place to hang it in our house.
Husband: We can pay some bills by selling the grandfather clock, and buying a new alarm clock. We will be late for work with the broken alarm clock and have to buy you a new watch. You couldn't go to work every day without a watch.
Wife: It's not necessary to buy a watch for me. Our company is right next to Big Ben. I can see the time as soon as I look up every day.

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