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Chinese logic 6 热闹 冷清

waveChinese 5th May 2016

Hot potato doesn't exactly translate into Chinese...





In the hometown at Spring Festival

Father: Our home is lively all at once since you were back.
Son: Only you and mom were at home at ordinary times. That's a bit lonely. Let's go to Beijing together after the Spring Festival! Our house in Beijing is big enough. That will be great if the family live together, lively and happy.
Father: You knew, I am not used to living in the town. It's too noisy and crowded, and there are cars everywhere. It is bustling but not cozy to live there.
Son: It's quiet in the hometown, but nobody takes care of you two. I am a bit worried.
Father: It's all right. We can take good care of ourselves. It is not the time for you to care for us yet. I will call you if there is something that needs you.
Son: Fine. Come to us at any time when you're ready. We prepared a room for you and Mom.
Father: Okay.

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