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Like to try a free lesson? We’d love to hear from you.

Thanks! We've dropped you an email to confirm your information. We'll be in contact to set up your free trial lesson.

How we teach

How we teach

  • 1-to-1 teachers with 4+ years of teaching experience.

  • Time-tested textbooks for beginners and intermediate students, and personally curated material for advanced levels.

  • Track your goals with bespoke study plans, updated regularly. Periodic tests and progress reports help build confidence.

  • Free reading content with supplementary audio on a wide range of real topics.

Our service

Our service

  • 30-day money back guarantee with prompt, reliable after-sales service. We’re nice people, not a mindless mega-school.

  • Free advisory assistance when you're in China, such as how to rent an apartment, travel tips,  the go-to mobile apps, registering for the HSK exam, applying for Alipay and so on.

  • Opportunity to be put in touch with learners worldwide and enlarge your circle of co-students through online activities.

Situations where you might want a friendly teacher like us

Situations where you might want a friendly teacher like us

  • Newbie: I'm a bit overwhelmed with the tones, pronunciation and characters — where should I start?

  • Beginner: Found great video-lessons online, but I’m struggling to retain much of the material.

  • Group class: I’ve limited opportunities to speak and I’d prefer to practice with natives, not other students.

  • Intermediate: People hear my pronunciation then revert to even worse English!

  • Advanced: I know over 6000 words, but my grammar is less than spectacular, and I need to use Chinese professionally.

  • Regular kids' lessons

    Crouching tiger, hidden children. A structured course aimed at younger students. We also offer classes for children whose parents speak Mandarin at home.

    More information about our classes
  • Business Chinese

    For anyone doing business in China or with Chinese companies. From basic greetings and avoiding faux pas to joint ventures, email etiquette and giving presentations.

    More information about our classes
  • Regular adults' lessons

    This textbook based course is suitable for most people and is designed to improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing. We have classes focused around everyday conversations, pronunciation, grammar, Chinese characters - or even one of our podcasts! We're glad to be flexible to meet your study goals.

    More information about our classes

What do our students make of us?

  • -Aldona Lu, English tutor, Perth, Australia

    I am extremely happy with Chloe as my teacher. She is very professional and the classes are always interesting. I can see my own progress from week to week and it makes me want to learn more. I feel lucky I found WaveChinese, Ellen is very approachable and the communication with the teacher is very easy and smooth. All in all, 11 out of 10 :-)

  • Marina Woods, university teacher, Sydney-

    Mary is a fantastic teacher and I highly recommend her classes. Not only is she patient and understanding her classes are also very engaging. I also really enjoy how little English is used and that the class time is really focused on developing my Mandarin skills. Subject material is also tailored to my needs taking into account my objectives and goals, which is fantastic!

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How does it work?

  • We'd love to give you a free 30 minute lesson to try us out

  • After class, we'll work on a preliminary study plan to get the ball rolling

  • If you like the sound of it, sign up to some lessons and start scheduling classes

30 day guarantee

In your first month of joining you’ll be working to a detailed personal study plan and your achievements will be recognised by regular feedback. However, if you change your mind for whatever reason within the first 30 days, we would be happy to refund you any untaken classes.

Hi (from our teachers)

I'm a huge exercise buff and 100% basketball obsessed (and I really like Chinese basketball player Yi Jianlian !). I'm also keen on tennis, badminton, ping-pong, and going out on my bike with my husband. I also like dancing: the waltz, modern Korean dance, aerobics and - along similar lines - Tai Chi. In 2010, after I graduated from Xi'an International Studies University (I studied English) I started teaching Chinese to foreigners. Eight years of this and a fair bit of management experience as well made me keen to do something bigger. My wish is - to work hard to help bring the best Chinese I can to my keen students.

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Hi (from our teachers)

I started teaching Chinese right after I graduated from Sichuan International Studies University in 2013. Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language is my major and ideal career. I lead and assist students to help them accomplish their learning goals, which I find very motivational. They are highly driven, diligent, positive, hard-working and great to teach. Teaching aside, I also enjoy working out in the gym, swimming and cooking.

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