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What students say about Mandarin Chinese tutor Andrea

waveChinese 7th March 2019

Andrea Wang, Full-time professional Mandarin tutor

What are others saying?

Isabelle 07 March 2019

Just the best solution !

I was looking for convenient mandarin tuition for my primary school aged children and found Wave Chinese through an online search. I was very pleased with it - it is very convenient as the lessons take place at home, the teachers are native mandarin speakers and experienced in teaching. They are patient with the children, as well as able to teach at the adult level. They are also very nice and friendly and able to relate to all ages. They are always on time, and they even know the curriculum in Australia to be able to support children in their school-based learning. I highly recommend this solution for anyone looking for mandarin tuition for their children or themselves.

Palmer 07 March 2019

Learning mandarin to work in China

Andrea has been an amazing teacher. She gauged my level of mandarin quickly, and recommended the right text book to work through. After a few months, we have finished the textbook and moved onto reading news articles. I am feeling so much more prepared for work in China, and I would highly recommend the services of Wave Chinese to anyone!
I am preparing to continue the lessons in China after I move over there, which will provide good support while I am transitioning to the new environment and work in China. Wave Chinese also provides helpful tips for what is needed to move to China.

What would you improve about this online Mandarin school?
No improvements needed! They regularly ask for suggestions, and are willing to make changes according to any requirements.

Kai 07 March 2019

Great tutor and personalized instruction

Andrea was a fantastic tutor. From the start, she made sure to understand my individual learning goals and experience level. She then tailored a study plan specific to my needs. The tutoring sessions were fun and engaging, and Andrea would always send notes over Skype, which was very helpful in reviewing the material. Ellen was also very responsive to any questions I had about my account, lessons, etc. I also found Andrea's recommendations of study material very helpful - we used a combination of articles, textbooks, and books. Everything she recommended was based on the areas I was interested in. For me that was business/economics, but the tutoring would have been helpful for a variety of topics/experience levels. There was always a clear focus on individualized learning and progression on the student's terms. Highly recommend!

The tutoring was great! Thanks Andrea and Ellen!

Fatoumata 07 March 2019

Great, fun and affordable lessons

I have started my mandarin classes with Wave Chinese about three months ago as a complete beginner. There are a quite a lot of online lessons to select from on internet. I am very happy I made the decision to enrol with them. I think their unique selling point compared to the others is they provide assistance for trips in China. I am planning to go to China for an immersion trip so this is perfect. I find their study materials easy to follow and well explained. Andrea my teacher is nice, patient and detailed. She takes the time to explain some Chinese culture at each class which I find very interesting. She makes sure that I have memorized what I learned at the previous class and she makes me talk in mandarin as much as possible as we have a conversation during the class. I am looking to my class each week now and I am happy with the progress I have made so far. It is going to be a steep learning curve but I know that I am in good hands.

Jane 28 March 2019

Caring and Personalised Teaching

My experience with WaveChinese had been extremely positive from my first enquiry. They offered the best value for money at the time and I was pleasantly surprised by the level of service and professionalism. My teacher had been incredibly supportive and encouraging for the past 18 months as I have been working from a very basic level towards fluency. There are structured lessons, following the HSK program but with the flexibility to tailor lessons to particular social or work events as required. My teacher had gone above and beyond to help me purchase well priced textbooks and novels and to give me insight into cultural matters and then helped me to rent a house during a visit to China.

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