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What students say about Mandarin Chinese tutor Mary

waveChinese 12th September 2023

Mary Wang, professional Mandarin Chinese tutor with 7 years teaching experience

I started teaching Chinese right after I graduated from Sichuan International Studies University in 2013. Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language is my major and ideal career. I lead and assist students to help them accomplish their Mandarin learning goals, which I find very motivational. They are highly driven, diligent, positive, hard-working and great to teach. Teaching aside, I also enjoy working out in the gym, swimming and cooking.

What are others saying?

Izzy 07 March 2019

Online Chinese lessons

I have had 10 lessons so far in Mandarin. I was assessed at level HSK 2/3 and am currently finishing off the equivalent of level HSK 2 before continuing and aiming to take HSK 3. I think the assessment was good and the recap is really helpful after having a year off of studying Mandarin. Lessons are fun and engaging and I come away feeling motivated to learn more. My teacher Mary is so lovely and always helpful.

Ma 07 March 2019

Great, Fun Online Courses for our Daughter

Our nine year old daughter has been taking different Chinese classes from when she was four. This is the first one she actually enjoys and we feel her level of Mandarin has improved more over the last 13 lessons than during the last 5 years. Our daughter likes the teacher despite the fact that – because of the time difference between London and Beijing – she needs to take the lessons at 7:30am before regular school. The homework is moderately demanding but perfect for her third language. The communication with the teacher is mainly via email and this suites us. Her tone is honest and she doesn't sugarcoat her comments while assessing our daughter's progress (or lack thereof). We think there is a psychological bonus to actually be talking to someone in China every week. We will continue with her lessons for as long as we can.

Elaine 07 March 2019

Great way to learn!

As a Chinese American, I grew up speaking some conversational Chinese, but my reading and writing were practically non-existent. I started looking for a Chinese class because I needed to improve quickly before an important family trip to Taiwan. Mary assessed my proficiency level within half an hour, and was able to develop a custom program for me that quickly improved my spoken Mandarin. I've even learned some business vocabulary that I would never have encountered otherwise. I've enjoyed the experience so much that I've continued studying with her, long past our trip, and started to work on my reading and writing as well. Mary interactive style and fun personality is so engaging that our class time flies by. The online lesson format is also very convenient for me, as I can learn from my own home or when traveling! I highly recommend her!

Billy Sio 07 March 2019

You can use this as a testimonial from me on your website if you like as I have been very happy with Mary as a teacher. She has done an excellent job and has been very patient.

I bought a package of lessons from WaveChinese and I have been extremely happy with what I have learned and the teaching methods. In particular, Mary Wang has been an excellent Mandarin teacher and engages with me in Chinese Mandarin at a level and speed that works for me. In addition, her English is also excellent which is useful when explaining things which are particularly difficult. I would highly recommend WaveChinese, it is an extremely convenient (you can use Skype, WeChat, and email to speak and get course material) and effective way of learning Chinese. My Chinese Mandarin has improved drastically!

Yolanda 07 March 2019

Excellent teacher!

Ms Mary and Ms Vicky from WaveChinese learning school are great in teaching children Mandarin!

Their way of teaching is very creative and attentive to children's needs. We have tried other teachers but wavemaker teachers are with high standard and they care the kids. We are impressed and hope their organization will continue to benefit other children who want to learn Mandarin.

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Joe 28 March 2019

Excellent and Accessible Mandarin Lessons

My experiences with waveChinese so far have been exceptionally positive. I'm very much enjoying my lessons and can recommend them to anyone who is keen to learn Mandarin.

Having visited China a couple of times, I developed a fascination with the country, its culture and its language. It was from this that I decided I wanted to learn Mandarin. However, I was concerned about the price of having lessons and the demand it would place on my schedule in having to head somewhere in London to join a class. On top of that, you then have to share the learning time with other students, which, if you're not confident, can mean very little speaking time.

Then, I found waveChinese. With very affordable prices and face-to-face video lessons done online (either through Skype, or WeChat, China's version of WhatsApp) it offered the perfect solution. I'm now able to have my lessons in the morning before I start my day, with no travelling time required!

More importantly, I get the full lesson completed dedicated to my learning. My lessons are completely tailored to what I would like to achieve - we started with HSK 1 but then I decided to continue working through the textbook with my teacher, covering a variety of different topics.

My teacher, Mary, is an absolutely wonderful teacher. She makes the lessons enjoyable and helps me with all aspects of my learning. If there's a particular aspect of the language I'm struggling with, she'll send me extra info/exercises to do on that topic to help me understand it better.

I would thoroughly recommend waveChinese to anyone who is interested in learning Mandarin. My lessons have massively helped improve my language skills and with superb teaching, cheap and enjoyable lessons I can't think of a better way to learn Mandarin. If you're in doubt, they offer a free 30 minute lesson so you can see what you think of the teaching style.

Karisse 12 March 2020

Excellent and very Professional

Yes they are excellent! Their teaching approach with their student is very practical, meaning submerge immediately in communicating using mandarin.They correct and gives advice on how to express their thoughts in Chinese. It helps my child(Grade 7) with the Chinese subject and her exam results improved. She can understand and communicate in Mardarin well. Our “Lao shi” really encourage and motivates her student. I appreciate her work and patience. Great help indeed. I will definitely recommend them!

Elyse 24 April 2020

WaveChinese with Mary

Mary is an awesome teacher. She has been teaching my 8 year old son Mandarin and he has learned so much in a short period of time. He is speaking complete sentences now and is really excited to become fluent in Mandarin so he can speak to his grandmother who lives in China. Mary is very patient and extremely helpful. It is a good program for people to learn mandarin at home and great to have a native speaker as a teacher. The price I feel is very reasonable for the number of lessons. I feel this is also a good program for my son because he will be taking mandarin in high school, so he should be ahead of the other students.

What would you improve about this program?
It might be more fun if there were other kids and or adults. Also might be fun for them to learn some Chinese culture, music etc.

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