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What students say about Mandarin Chinese tutor Chloe

waveChinese 26th November 2023

Chloe Yu, full-time professional Mandarin Chinese tutor with 10+ years teaching experience

I'm a huge exercise buff and 100% basketball obsessed (and I really like Chinese basketball player Yi Jianlian !). I'm also keen on tennis, badminton, ping-pong, and going out on my bike. I also like dancing: the waltz, modern Korean dance, aerobics and - along similar lines - Tai Chi. In 2010, after I graduated from Xi'an International Studies University, I started teaching Mandarin Chinese to foreigners. Many years of this and a fair bit of management experience as well made me keen to do something bigger. My wish is - to work hard to help bring the best Chinese I can to my keen students.

What are others saying?

Brian 07 March 2019

Excellent Experience

I have given 10's for each of the different areas because I have had an absolutely great experience with Wave Chinese. Their teachers are absolutely excellent, and they have a wealth of knowledge which is evident in their teaching styles. They are also very willing to adapt their teaching style depending on the student you are (so, if you want fun, I'm sure they can give you a wealth of fun also :) .. though I'm sure you want that). In terms of value, their prices are really reasonable. If you are really serious about learning Chinese, they'll put together a plan for you, and help you work towards your goals, whatever that might be. I really recommend you give them a go.

What would you improve about this program?
Nothing to improve. It's already great. But just remember, you get out what you put in. So work out what your goals are, and this program will be the best thing you ever did.

Daniel 28 March 2019

6 months of skype lessons

Before trying Wave chinese I had never tried one on one tutoring, or used skype except to speak to my parents at Christmas time! I was very apprehensive and reluctant to try but with the nearest chinese classes an hours drive away I decided to give it a go. I think this was the best decision I have made! I had a free trial with Chloe and immediately I signed up for 50 lessons. The initial trial lesson was fun and relaxed and I felt no pressure to sign up at all, no awkward sales pitch.

I am sure that if I was not with using wavechinese I would have made 10% of the progress I have made in the last 6 months, or perhaps I would have lost interest and stopped studying altogether!

I have 2 or 3 classes a week after work, even though I am always tired from work I always look forward to my chinese lessons, it is always fun and interesting.

One on one classes keeps you engaged, motivated, and accountable . The teachers are very strict and will not tolerate you not doing your homework :P they are great at understanding your goals, adapting classes to suit your energy level, and finding ways to keep you motivated! I am sure this is the most effective, best value, and most convenient way to study chinese.

Aldona 03 April 2019

I am extremely happy with Chloe as my Mandarin teacher. She is very professional and the Chinese classes are always interesting. I can see my own progress from week to week and it makes me want to learn more. I feel lucky I found WaveChinese, Ellen is very approachable and the communication with the teacher is very easy and smooth. All in all, 11 out of 10 :-)

Alex 12 June 2019

Great pacing, very professional staff

The teacher I have and the customer support are extremely professional. The prices are a little higher per class but for the quality it is well worth it. The teacher is very orginized, remembers what I need to work on and what I do well with, it shows that they spend time reviewing the classes after. They send regular reports on progress and are not shy to call you out when you haven't been practicing. They are flexible with scheduling and extremely responsive to qeustions outside of class. I thought 1 class a week would be good pacing but quickly realized 2 a week would be best. The teacher introduces only a few new vocabulary words each week but builds on them week to week. Homework is difficult and the teacher requires me to translate audio sentances without any hints very early on which has helped my listening a lot.

Tracy 12 June 2019

Excellent, structured, business Chinese lessons - also fun!

I am so glad I found Wave Chinese through a friend's recommendation. I have been working with my tutor Chloe for a few months and am grateful for her instruction. The lessons are structured and follow two textbooks, plus exercises, homework, vocabulary, and each time I walk away having learned something new and feeling mastery over more vocabulary. The company is professional and Chloe is always on time, there is a report after every lesson, and payment is easy and secure online. In addition, Chloe is fun to work with and it has been a real pleasure to get to know her. I look forward to continuing my classes. Thank you Wave Chinese!

FYI the Go Overseas rating tool forced me to rate "housing" - this is an online course I am taking so housing is not applicable.

Srikala 14 June 2019

Excellent tutor and fun learning chinese

The online lessons are very exciting and fun to learn. Especially Chloe is excellent is putting in sentences about yourself and your own environment such that its fun and u learn very effortlessly. I would recommend this course to everyone who wants to speak chinese quickly.
She is also great at explaining about her culture. Really fun to learn. I look forward to every class.
Its a value for money especially you can learn at your convenience and speed with one to one attention.
I love their enthusiasm in teaching chinese it is very infectious.
It is definitely much better than a group class where you have minimal oppurtunity to speak and practice chinese with native speakers.
Chloe is also very strict about the homework which is very good so the pace of learning is maintained.

Robert 30 September 2019

My experience with Wavechinese

I had this wonderful teacher 鱼老师. I really learned a lot from her and she is good at explaining how to use the different words. I am studying chinese at university and i took this course to gain some extra knowledge. After 10 classes with my teacher from wavechinese, I feel so much better and confortable talking chinese.
The best thing about this class is that I learned how to better speak chinese in a more casual way, instead of just fixed phrases. I would definitely recommend wavechinese to anyone who is either new or advanced chinese speakers.

I am going to order more classes from wavechinese because im simply so grateful for the things that i got taught.

If you are like me and not sure if you should order your first class. my advice to you is that you should just do it. They are so flexible and its definitely worth it.

What would you improve about this program?
I'm so happy about this course. There is honestly nothing i would change.

Luke 10 April 2020

I just wanted to provide you feedback regarding teacher Chloe. She is amazing!

Not only is she a great teacher but she inspires students to learn. Her approach to teaching is disciplined, fun and structured and I feel my learning Chinese has come along way in a short time because of her teaching.

Great teachers are hard to come by and I feel very privileged to have a teacher like Chloe and really look forward to each lesson we have together.

I am sure with her help and support I will become fluent in Chinese. (and Yes will definitely be signing up for more lessons with her!!)

iain 22 June 2020

Professional, informative & enjoyable . . .

My Mandarin lessons with HeyEllen are first rate.

Setting up the online lessons was easy, as everyone involved was extremely helpful at every step of the process. In addition, the follow up and feedback has been equally effective. I feel confident that if any issues were to arise HeyEllen will be there to help.

My teacher, Chloe Yu, is informative, helpful and considerate of my ability. She is professional, engaged and friendly, and all my questions are answered clearly and fully. Her communication skills are excellent, and her ability to listen makes the learning experience fun and rewarding. I feel that each lesson is perfectly gauged to my current ability; consequently I am progressing at a rate that I wouldn't have thought possible.

I would highly recommend HeyEllen to anyone who wishes to learn Mandarin at any level. The programs are affordable and the teaching is quite simply brilliant.

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