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Chinese logic 55 长短 高矮 高低

waveChinese 10th January 2017

Unless your Chinese language exchange partner is 高富帅 "tall, rich, handsome," best not to comment on their stature.

DIALOGUE  对话  duìhuà







In the living room

Daughter: It's strange. Why is my younger brother shorter than me but with longer hands?
Mom: It is not surprising. He is a boy. Boys have big hands. He will even be taller than you soon.
Daughter: Fine. Mom, look who of us has longer legs and who has shorter legs.
Mom: Oh, no more comparing. Please have a look at this picture on the wall for me. It seems that one side of it is higher than the other side, right?

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What are others saying?

Andrea 26 August 2017

The first group is about "length", the second group is about "height of people", the third group is about "altitude and height of stuff".

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