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Chinese logic -35 打人 | 打球

waveChinese 1st January 2018

Don't beat yourself up over it.








Zài sùshè

A: Zuótiān wǎnshàng Mario dǎle Mark. Nǐ zhīdào ma?

A: Bù zhīdào. Tā wèishénme dǎrén?

B: Wǒ yě bù zhīdào. Wǒ zuótiān wǎnshàng qù dǎqiú le.

A: Wǒ qù wènwen Mario.


In the dormitory

A: Mario hit Mark last night. Do you know?
A: I don't know. Why did Mario hit him?
B: I don't know either. I went to play ball games last night.
A: I will go to ask Mario.

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What are others saying?

Shukadev Sigdel 24 April 2017

very good

Muhammad Qudrat Ul Lah 24 April 2017

Qing Bu da ren

Chloe Yu 24 April 2017

You're right, and it need to be "请不要打人。Qing bu yao da ren."

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