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Suited for 

Anyone doing business in China or with Chinese companies. From basic greetings and avoiding faux pas to joint ventures, email etiquette and giving Mandarin presentations.

Study method

At the beginner levels we aim to build Mandarin foundations in pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, but Mandarin lessons and the Mandarin textbook will be based on typical Chinese business situations, introducing you to the dos and don’ts of a Chinese professional environment at an earlier stage.

At intermediate and advanced levels we focus more on actively doing business in China — whether this is giving instructions, writing good emails, giving presentations or performing negotiations.

Learning content

Basic business Chinese
Exchanging names and greetings

Getting to know staff

Dos and don’ts

Company types and sizes

Setting Up and rescheduling an appointment

Inquiring about Someone’s whereabouts;

Showing gratitude

Good-byes and future plans

Intermediate business ChineseGiving instructions around assignments

Company department specific vocabulary

‘Buzz words’

Telephone etiquette

Email etiquette

Advanced business ChineseAsking clients for comments and feedback 
Giving presentations


Defusing difficult conversations

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