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Suitable for

Anyone preparing to sit an official Chinese test, either at school, university or for business.

Study method and learning content

We teach classes aimed at different examination systems including: HSK, HSKK, BCT, International Baccalaureate, AP Chinese, YCT, SAT, GCSE and A-Level. Our teachers will recommend a short or long term study plan dependent on the time until your exam.

We will either recommend a textbook that focuses on areas tested upon (e.g. for HSK) or can help you tackle difficult areas in a textbook you are already using (e.g. for GCSE, IB, SAT). We will then work on developing key areas of understanding and help you respond with model answers. Where helpful we will also set targeted homework on weaker areas for you to complete after class -- we find that this really helps students be well prepared and confident when the exam comes around.

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