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Suited for

Children and young adults from 3 to 18. 

Study method

  • For children and young adults who have no Chinese language background

  • For children and young adults who have Chinese language background

Learning content

  • For children and young adults who have no Chinese language background

  • For children and young adults of Chinese language background who speak Chinese in the home

Study method

No Chinese background

3-6 years old

This textbook based Mandarin course is designed to improve children's fundamental Mandarin skills in listening and speaking.We use illustrations, games and Chinese songs to draw them into the rewarding world of Chinese as a second language. Following this Mandarin course they will have a solid foundation in the basics of Chinese language.

Have Chinese background

7-18 years old

As children grow up we take a more structured approach and follow a Mandarin textbook with material appropriate for their age. However, expert tutors will use this only as a springboard — we find that the key to successful learning is to engage kids and young adults in every day conversation, helping them naturally learn and enjoy Chinese language. 


Elementary spoken Chinese

The Mandarin course is similar to that for children with no Chinese background (younger kids focus more on fun and games, older kids Mandarin classes are more structured), however the expert tutors will tailor the Mandarin class and textbook, dependent on their Chinese ability and interests.

Relatively fluent Chinese spoken regularly at home

These Mandarin classes aim to improve spoken Chinese by expanding Mandarin vocabulary beyond household conversations. We also focus on reading and writing, using Mandarin books commonly found in Chinese schools. This will provide a solid foundation for their further study of Chinese language and culture.

Learning content

No Chinese background‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

Level 1

Basic numbers, greetings, introductions, families, colours, clothes, describing appearances, animals, fruit & vegetables, food, stationery, the home.

Level 2

Addresses, telephone numbers, dates, school subjects, countries, languages, school facilities, time, activities, vehicles, hobbies.

Level 3

Review all of topics and vocabulary learned so far through use of short stories.

Level 4

More short stories that review a wider range of material including getting ill, shopping, jobs, describing feelings and daily life.

Level 5

All remaining numbers, dates, detailed introduction of family members, countries and languages, vehicles.

Level 6

Review of all previous topics with addition of: weather and seasons, holidays/vacations, exams, making phone calls.

Level 7

Review of describing appearances and getting ill, as well as new material including parts of the body, hospitalization, Chinese currency, Chinese breakfast, ordering food, buffet, snacks, nutrition, discounts, convenience store, shopping, moving house, describing rooms.

Level 8 

The geography, languages and food of China, travelling, summer camps, famous cities, family trees, keeping pets, doing voluntary work.

Level 9 

Traditional holidays in China vs Western countries, social expressions and etiquette, communication and media, entertainment and leisure, celebrities, misbehavior and crime, high school, environment, pollution, technology and health.‍‍‍‍

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