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Chinese logic -24 夜猫子 | 哈巴狗

waveChinese 24th October 2016

No animals were harmed in defining these terms.




于墨:没办法! 最近这个大项目,天天弄到凌晨两三点,有时候天都快亮了我还没睡呢。我都变成夜猫子了!


于墨:晚上累, 白天更累。整天跟在客户屁股后面,给客户赔笑脸,像哈巴狗似的。



In the coffee shop

Wang Hua: What severe dark circles! Did you stay up late again?
Yu Mo: There is no way (to avoid)! In this recent big project, I have to work till two or three o'clock in the early morning every day. Sometimes I was still up at daybreak. I'm a night owl now!
Wang Hua: You are working hard!
Yu Mo: Tired in the evening, but more tired during the day. Follow around the clients and smile at them apologetically all day long, like a lapdog.
Wang Hua: It's not easy!

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