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Chinese logic -47 食物 | 药物 | 礼物 | 宠物

waveChinese 16th May 2019

Here’s some more of my favourite things.



医生:你父亲这个病暂时不能做手术。目前只有靠药物治疗了, 不过他还是得住几天院,需要随时观察。








In the doctor's office

Doctor: The illness of your father could not do surgery temporarily. We could only give him medication currently, but he still has to be hospitalized for a few days, need to be watched at any time.
Li Hua: Doctor, what does he need to pay attention to, in your opinion?
Doctor: He needs to pay attention to both diet and mood. It's best not to drink alcohol and beverage and not eat spicy or oily food, and he could not be too emotional.
Li Hua: Oh, my father loves to eat meat. It couldn't be without meat even once.
Doctor: He could eat meat, light food is just ok.
Li Hua: Ok. When he leaves the hospital in a few days, I'm planning to buy him a pet. it's too lonely living alone for him.
Doctor: Ok, if he likes it. It should be a lovely gift.

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