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Chinese logic -9 小学 | 中学 | 大学

waveChinese 14th May 2016

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A: 大儿子上大学,二儿子上中学,小女儿上小学。


A: Wǒ xiǎng gěi yí wèi péngyǒu de háizimen mǎi xiē dōngxi, dànshì bù zhīdào mǎi shénme zuì hǎo.
B: Tāmen duōdà le?
A: Dà érzi shàng dàxué, èr érzi shàng zhōngxué, xiǎo nǚr shàng xiǎoxué.
A: Wǒ juéde nǐ kěyǐ xiān wènwen tāmen.


A: I want to buy something for a friend's children, but I have no idea what the best things are.
B: How old are they?
A: The eldest son is at university. The second son is in high school. The youngest daughter is in primary school.
A: I think you could ask them first.

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