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Chinese logic -34 千里马 | 老黄牛

waveChinese 30th June 2016

I'm more of a meerkat-spots-eagle kind of person.


[ 在公司食堂 ]








[ In the dining hall of the company ]

A: I heard that Wang will be a manager.
B: I heard that, too. It's not easy! He has been working in our company for almost ten years. Finally, he is going to be a manager.
A: Yes. Wang is a bit like an ox, honest and well-behaved, diligent and conscientious, work a lot but say nothing.
A: No wonder it took so long for him to get a promotion. Look at Li, he just became a manager when he's joined the company for more than a year.
B: Li is a typical talent with strong academic background and capability. We couldn't compare ordinary people with him.
A: Exactly.

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