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Chinese logic -26 餐桌 | 书桌 | 办公桌

waveChinese 6th June 2016

Studying your 3x tables.


[ 在朋友家 ]






王华:我看看。…… 你家的桌子都在哪儿买的?一个比一个漂亮。餐桌、书桌、办公桌,每个我都特别喜欢。





[ At a friend's home ]

Friend: Come on in!
Wang Hua: Your house is really big! Clean and nice!
Friend: Thank you. Come on, let me show you around. This is the dining room.
Wang Hua: This dining table is really beautiful! The color looks very nice. I particularly like this type of tables.
Friend: It is my husband's choice. Look, the room on the left is the study, the one on the right is my home office.
Wang Hua: Let me see. ……Where did you buy these tables? All of them are gorgeous. Dining table, desk, office table, I like each of them very much.
Friend: I bought them online. You seem to like tables very much.
Wang Hua: Yes. There's only one table in our house when I was young. It's our dining table, also our desk or office table. My Dad, mom and I sat at the table every evening after dinner. They read books or worked, and I wrote the homework. I really liked that feeling, therefore I’ve always liked tables and buying tables.
Friend: That explains it.

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