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Chinese logic -2 滑雪 | 滑冰 | 滑滑梯

waveChinese 23rd April 2016

If you should go skating on the thin ice of modern life…


[ 在商场二楼的儿童区 ]



[ At Children's area on the second floor of the mall ]

A: It's really big here! Look, there are so many kids sliding down the slide over there.
B: We can also skate on the third floor! Would you like to go there later?
A: Yes, let's go together later! My son and daughter like skating best!
B: By the way, my family are going to Nanshan Ski Resort during this Spring Festival. Would you guys like to go with us together?
A: I'd really like to go there. I will ask my husband and children when I'm back home.

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